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Erik Varden is a monk and bishop, born in Norway in 1974. In 2002, after ten years at the University of Cambridge, he joined Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Charnwood Forest. Pope Francis named him bishop of Trondheim in 2019.

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We want to be left tranquil, to have a good salary and at the same time plenty of leisure to do what we want, and access to 5G internet browsing. But then a massive cr...

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To be tempted, Christ shows us, is something quite banal, part and parcel of the life of faith in a world that has turned its back on God. What we must guard against i...

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It is curious: our intensely body-conscious society in fact takes the body lightly, refusing to see it as significant of identity, supposing that the only selfhood of ...

Palm Sunday | 2023

What we celebrate in Holy Week is more than grand historical drama. It is the distillation of the human condition - during these days we are handed the key to unlock t...

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